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Pertin Valinta is a unique store. Another store with the same name doesn’t exist elsewhere. Music, arts and crafts are sold there. People can find their way there easily and if not, they can ask me for help.


PERTTI’S CHOICE (Pertin Valinta) is a cultural production space for outsider art and culture, created by a famous punkband Pertti Kurikan Nimipäivät (PKN)

PKN is running a gallery, shop and agency for marginalized music, arts and ethically produced quality goods and also employing Outsider Artists - with or without diagnosis.

Pertti’s Choice is a forerunner as the first social enterprice in Finland founded by disabled people. Pertti’s Choice is operated by PKN’s company Daatso and Lyhty Cultural Studios in collaboration with a network of Finnish Outsider Art.

Pertti’s Choice promotes equality, diversity and punk attitude. Pertti’s Choice is a unique concept and brand partner for those in need of something special.