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Pertin Valinta is a unique store. Another store with the same name doesn’t exist elsewhere. Music, arts and crafts are sold there. People can find their way there easily and if not, they can ask me for help.


PERTTI’S CHOICE is a space for outsider art and culture, that combines societal entrepreneurship, civil activism, mediation of art services, a booking agency for marginalized music as well as selling ethically produced quality goods.

The concept of Pertti’s Choice was created by the band Pertti Kurikan Nimipäivät (PKN) that carries on the journey of societal influencing and artistic activism. Pertti’s Choice pays it forward and employs new and old outsider artists, with or without diagnosis.

Pertti’s Choice is operated by Daatso Oy, a company established by PKN, together with a network of partners. Daatso Oy is the forerunner of societal entrepreneurship as it is the first joint-stock company founded by disabled people.  The revenue is used for developing company’s operations.

Pertti’s Choice’s activities support equality and bolster the development of a polyphonic and diverse culture. Pertti’s Choice is a unique and involving service concept which exhibits exciting products, brands and bold operating models for reshaping the working life.