Pertti’s Choice is important because it brings people closer together, and we hope a lot of people come.

PERTTI’S CHOICE AGENCY enables international access to Finnish outsider art and art services in ethically sustainable operation. Operating as mediator generates a new structure to the outsider art field supporting its accessibility and globalizing. 

Mediation also allows multidisciplinary collaboration at the crossroads of art industry and other sectors. Collaboration supports the operational preconditions of the creative sector and advances employment opportunities of marginal groups. Mediation supports the development of skills and know-how of artists with special needs and experts of outsider art.

The goal of the agency is to enhance the development of an equal art industry, value of art and art services, artists’ participation in multi-professional networks, sharing of know-how, quality & volume of service design within art services and applying global benchmarks in Finland together with an international network of agents and managers. 

Developing the mediation will be carried out together with a multidisciplinary network of experts with the support of the Finnish Ministry of Culture and Education. Partners in the project are Lyhty ry, Kettuki ry, Kukunori ry, New Beat Oy and Donkey Hotel Oy.

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More information: Heini Merkkiniemi, Arts Management,