PERTTI’S CHOICE carries out several projects and campaigns with its partners every year. With these projects Pertti’s Choice advances the development of diverse culture and supports the realization of cultural rights. Pertti’s Choice’s projects are bold, innovative and societally influencing. Best projects are the ones that bring together different operators, reach new audiences and teach everyone something new and unpredicted.


Inside Outside Finland is a virtual exhibition showcasing the history of Finnish outsider art, the artists and artistic environments as an interactive 360° video experience. Contemporary artist Jani Leinonen acts as a guide in the art work, leading the spectator on a virtual tour to Veijo Rönkkönen’s Parikkala Scuplture Park, Hanna Keynäs’ and Sininen Sirkus collective’s cooperation at the Autism Association Finland’s studio in Helsinki, the artist home of Enni Id in Padasjoki and Kalevi Helvetti’s live performance.

Inside Outside Finland is a collaborative production by Pertti’s Choice and Donkey Hotel. Donkey Hotel is a production company specialized in virtual storytelling. Producer Sami Jahnukainen is a long term partner to PKN band from producing Tokasikajuttu and Kovasikajuttu documentary films.

The premiere for Inside Outside Finland was held at the opening of Central library Oodi in Helsinki 5 December 2018, with 50 000 people visiting the library during opening day. The art work was on exhibited for a month during January–February 2019 at Oodi and during that time about 300 000 people visited the library. Lyhty ry’s and Autism Association Finland’s workshop actives worked as guides for the exhibition. 

IOF virtual exhibition was created in collaboration with Lyhty ry, Kettuki ry, Autism Association Finland, Parikkala Sculpture Park and the Kellosalmi-Seitniemi-Virmalla town association. Music for the art work was composed by Lyhty ry’s music workshop.

More information about IOF and Finnish Outsider Art here.

New York Outsider Art Fair 2019

Pertti’s Choice London popup 2019


The goal of Inside Outside Finland tour is to showcase Finnish outsider art and music to an international audience. The tour will visit USA, Europe and Finland between 2019–2020. 

IOF exhibition had its international premiere at the New York Outsider Art Fair 2019 at Ace Hotel in January 2019, where the art work attained a wide international audience. The event was organized in collaboration with Outsider Art Fair New York, Ace Hotel, Raw Vision, Art21 and the Finnish Cultural Institute in New York. Additionally, a film of Kalevi Helvetti haunting around New York was filmed during the trip.

IOF tour consists of Pertti’s Choice pop up gallery events, which aim to kick off expert exchange, conversation and concrete international cooperation between artists, curators, managers and other experts. Art is also created together at the events. As a result of the tour, new knowledge and expertise is created to promote Finnish art and global collaborations and quality. You can follow the tour on Pertti’s Choice social media channels.

The tour is carried out with the support of the Finnish Ministry of Culture and Education. On tour with us are also Arts Promotion Centre Taike, the Finnish Cultural Institute in London, Donkey Hotel Oy, New Beat Oy, Lyhty ry, Kettuki ry and Autism Association Finland.

More information about IOF and Finnish Outsider Art here.

New York Outsider Art Fair 2019

Pertti’s Choice London popup 2019


Human is a good thing - impact campaign

The punk-rocking impact campaign ‘Human is a good thing’ creates new encounters among youngsters with and without disabilities. The campaign challenges the structures of society, shifts attitudes towards disabilities and brings together disabled experts by experience with elementary school students. Demand exists, for most school students have never even talked with a disabled person.

Disabled advocates and artists have been hired for the projects to create an educational package together with art educators. The package includes the documentary films about Pertti Kurikan Nimipäivät, Kovasikajuttu and Tokasikajuttu, as well as new toolkit for art, media, crafts and music education.

The campaign is carried out by Lyhty Accociation in collaboration with Moukafilmi Ltd. University of the Arts Helsinki’s ArtsEqual project is partnering in impact research. The campaign is supported by Jenny and Antti Wihuri Fund, Alfred Kordelin Foundation and Päivikki and Sakari Sohlberg Foundation.


The Finnish Musicians’ Union and Pertti’s Choice have initiated collaboration for equal music industry. With partnership the diversity of musicians will be taken into account in structures, communications and support services more carefully in the future. 

Collaboration includes international expert exchange and media cooperation. “For an association for professionals in music it is important to acknowledge the full spectrum of musicians and work for equal opportunities to work on the field. There is a lot to learn in this collaboration but hopefully also a lot to give,” notes Antti Vänttinen, the chairman of The Finnish Musicians’ Union.

“Collaboration with the Finnish Musicians’ Union is a great thing,” says Sami Helle, the founder of Daatso Ltd. “Us musicians come in all shapes and sizes and it’s essential that we stay in the same boat, create music together and make sure we’re all in the same team.”


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