PERTTI’S CHOICE has a record shop with an interesting selection of vinyl records. If Pertti Kurikka would have had his way, there would have only been Katri Helena and Rattus cassettes at Pertti’s Choice. Not that there’s anything wrong with them but still Pertti decided to give the responsibility of running the record shop to others.

The selection includes mainly LP’s but also 7’’ records, CD’s and C-cassettes. We offer jazz, free jazz, blues, country, soundtracks, punk rock, soul, black metal, gospel, krautrock, Inuit folk and much more! Records are not sold at our online shop. Browsing through records is a pleasant hobby (even if you didn’t buy anything) and the easiest way to get the records is straight from the bin. We wouldn’t forget out-of-towners, so we are happy to mail records, too!