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  • PERTIN VALINTA 48 Aleksis Kiven katu Helsinki, 00510 Finland (map)

INSIDE OUTSIDE FINLAND is a creative virtual documentary that presents the history and six key artists of Finnish outsider art through interactive 360° videos. The visitors of this virtual exhibition are guided by Finnish contemporary artists Jani Leinonen. In his guidance, the viewers can visit Enni Id’s incredible artist residence in Padasjoki, Central Finland, Veijo Rönkkönen’s magical Statue Park in Parikkala, Easter Finland, Kalevi Helvetti’s live performance in Helsinki and the visual arts studio of Autism Foundation Finland. Each of the four episodes is approximately 7 minutes in duration and going through the entire exhibition takes about 30 minutes.

Outsider Art in Finland
Outsider art is a rather broad concept, that covers art created outside the established art scene. Outsider Art in Finland includes self taught (ITE) folk artists and artists with mental or physical disabilities and exceptional artistic abilities.

The tradition of outsider art in Finland is not very well known, but it’s scope has proven to be vast. There are hundreds of fascinating outsider art environments in Finland such as private homes, art studios, public and private institutions, villages, hospitals and prisons.

Outsider Art thrives from self expression, and is often a way of communication. It can help people to express themselves and connect with others. Importantly, one does not need to have academic training as an artist to engage in building identity, culture and society through art.

Inside Outside Finland is produced by Donkey Hotel studio and Pertti’s Choice Outsider art gallery, with the support of AVEK (Finnish promotion center for Audiovisual Culture), in collaboration with Autism Foundation Finland, Lyhty, Kettuki, Finnish Ministry of Education and Culture, Parikkala Statue Park and Kellosalmi-Seitniemi-Virmailan village society.

Pertti’s Choice & Donkey Hotel
Pertti’s Choice (Pertin Valinta) is a new Outsider art gallery and Agency in Helsinki, Finland. It was founded by a famous punk band Pertti Kurikka’s Nameday (Pertti Kurikan Nimipäivät, PKN) to promote cultural equality and diversity through collaborative projects and campaigns.

Donkey Hotel is a storytelling studio in Helsinki, Finland, founded by award winning filmmakers in 2014. The studio creates fictional and recreated factual worlds in virtual reality.

Inside Outside Finland - Crew
The Guide: Jani Leinonen
Director: Sami Jahnukainen
Script: Sami Jahnukainen, Heini Merkkiniemi
Cinematography: Márton Jelinkó
Sound Design: Timo Piipponen
Music: Lyhty Ry Musiikkityöpaja & Hannu Pikkarainen
Graphic Design: Jenni Väre
Unity programming: Samuli Rouvinen & Erik Zubkovski (Ticca Oy)
Unity production coordination: Arttu Ruismäki (Ticca Oy)
Production: Sami Jahnukainen / Donkey Hotel
Heini Merkkiniemi & Teuvo Merkkiniemi / Pertin Valinta

Heini Merkkiniemi / Pertin Valinta:
Sami Jahnukainen / Donkey Hotel: