There can be Kalevi Helvetti stuff and other stuff at Pertti’s Choice

PERTTI’S CHOICE represents and supports artists who work in the margin of art industry and offers a platform for producing outsider art exhibitions, workshops, events and art services.

Outsider art refers to art that is created mainly outside the established art scene. The three main factions of outsider art are art by artists with learning disabilities, contemporary folk art or ITE art and art made by mental health rehabilitators. Outsider art is born in the artist’s own living environment: at home, the art studios or various institutions like hospitals and prisons.

Outsider art is self-expression and a creative way of communication. Outsider art often refers to visual art, but it can also be music, theatre, performances, dancing, films. These art works narrate one-of-a-kind life stories from the margin of society.

Pertti’s Choice is also carrying out multidisciplinary collaboration projects and campaigns which support cooperation between musicians, artists, curators and other professionals and create new multidisciplinary instruments, services and networks to the field. 

Welcome to explore Finnish Outsider Art!


Pertti’s Choice represents all artists. It would be nice if there were no borders between artists, that regular artists could work together with special artists. It would be much more interesting to everyone. In art there has to be different types of eye candy for different types of people.

THE GOAL of Pertti’s Choice is to improve equality and advance marginal groups’ possibilities of influencing as the creators of their own lives and members of the society. Outsider art works are especially interesting at the moment for their societal impact, but artists do need support working in the field and bringing their art to the public. In Pertti’s Choice’s network there are professionals of various arts, social work and health professionals as well as managers and entrepreneurs who help artists find diverse possibilities for employment and developing one’s own talents. Forms of support include inter alia artist mentoring, workshops, managing and counselling services and service design for art services.